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  • Welsh Don in detail
    An interesting site that tells of the history and variants of Welsh Don and other Card games.

  • Download the Game of Don
    Description by publisher:
    The card game Don, which is played in various forms in Ireland and Britain, is a descendant of the old game of All Fours.
    In the 19th century the game of Don Pedro became popular in both Ireland and America.
    In Ireland the name was shortened to Don, and it spread to England and Wales.
    There are four players in two fixed partnerships, partners facing each other across the table.
    A standard 52 card pack is used.
    It is a point trick taking game with standard card ranking and trumps defined by the first dealer.
    Most valuable cards are the Nines and the Fives.
    Here you play it using old British decks, one with Celtic patterns.

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