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Welsh Don League

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League Rules


Fixture Rules

  1. Each team must play five different players (i.e. first two games + one player) before any player plays a second game.
    If a team turns up with only four players, the first two games to be played, the third game to be forfeited, then the remaining two games to be played.
    No player to play more than two games in a match.

  2. Non-pitchers must leave their cards face down on the table.
    If any player looks at their cards, other than the pitcher, a misdeal may be called.

  3. One point will be awarded to the team winning a game, for each game won.
    A further two points will be awarded to the team winning the match.

  4. Any player may look at the first trick, providing that the second trick has not been started.
    If a renege is called then all past tricks can be checked.

  5. No talking allowed on the game or about the game during pitches by non-players.

  6. Any player reneging suit, playing out of turn (except last 4 card pitch), will forfeit for their team all points scored in that pitch, and, in the case of it being their own pitch, will forfeit the pitch to the opposing team who will also be awarded 20 points. The unoffending teams' points scored in the pitch to stand.
    Respective team captains must settle any controversy or allegations regarding rules during a match, such decisions to be made final.

  7. The HOME team to inform the fixtures secretary of results before 8:00pm Friday night following the fixture.
    Failure to do so will result in a 1.00 fine and a deduction of 2 points.
    In addition, the
    HOME team is responsible for handing in the result cards at the following delegate meeting.
    Telephone results to: 460324.

  8. Matches to start at 8:45pm.
    Two games to start straight away, the third game to start as soon as the first game is finished.
    Otherwise, forfeit the remaining games.

  9. The home team chooses the seating arrangements on match nights.

General Rules

  1. All new teams voted into the league at A.G.M.
    New teams only, 5.00 to join and 15.00 bond.
    (Returnable on completion of seasons fixtures).

  2. All teams to send a representative to monthly meetings.
    Each team to pay 25.00 at the first meeting, a further 15.00 per meeting to be paid at the following 5 meetings. (Alternatively, payment in full the sum of 100.00).
    A fine of
    5.00 for non-attendants of meetings, and ten points deducted if three meetings missed.

  3. The committee will be voted for and selected at the A.G.M.

  4. The league will donate trophies.
    The main trophies are the property of the league.

  5. Any member of the committee may call a committee meeting.

  6. If any team member is required to attend a meeting, they must comply.

  7. All committee decisions are final.

  8. In the case of individual competitions, another team member who has not played in the competition before can replace any member of a pair who cannot play within the allotted time.
    The new partnership must play together for the rest of the competition.

  9. Any League or Cup Match may be altered from Thursday night; 48 hours notice must be given and agreed by both teams.
    No League or Cup Match to be given, they must be rearranged.

    Any outstanding league fixtures must be played before the final league fixture of the season.

  10. All league matches to start at 8:45 pm.
    Two games to start straight away, and the third to start as soon as one of these is complete.
    Otherwise, forfeit the remaining games.

  11. In any cup and individual draws, the first team drawn is the home team.

  12. The Doubles Competition will be played on Thursday nights, starting at 8:00 pm on dates decided by the committee.

  13. If a public house has two teams, players must sign for either the A or B team, and having done so, must play for that team for the entire season.
    If they play for the other team, they will be classed as a non-signed player and the offending team will be fined 5.00 and lose 7 points.
    The offending player will be banned for the rest of the season.

  14. Any team that has previously dropped out of the league without completing a seasons fixtures will have to pay a 50.00 bond to rejoin.
    This will be refunded, but only after they have completed a full season of league fixtures and associated cup matches.

  15. On the completion of league fixtures, in the case of teams tying on level points, the team winning the most fixtures will be deemed the higher placed.